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Empowering Creativity – Course Outline

Empowering Creativity – Course Outline

This course will empower your creativity by introducing key techniques and concepts that will help you tap into and harness your unique imaginative potential.


Introduces the topic of stress management and its importance. Explains how mindfulness and creative expression can help with stress management and sets the expectations and goals for the course.


Lead a guided meditation or breathing exercise, discusses the concept of mindfulness and its benefits, provides tips and techniques for incorporating mindfulness into daily life.

Stress Management

Identifies common sources of stress, discusses the physical and emotional effects of stress, teaches coping mechanisms such as progressive muscle relaxation, visualization and journaling and encourages participants to brainstorm and develop their own stress management plan.

Creative Expression

Introduces the concept of using creative expression as a form of stress relief, provides a variety of art materials, encourages participants to explore and experiment with different mediums, and guides participants in creating a piece of art, poetry or song that reflects their stressors and what they’ve learned.


Reviews the key takeaways of the workshop, encourages participants to continue incorporating mindfulness and creative expression into their daily lives, offers resources for further support and encourages participants to share their creations and discuss their experience.

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