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At Leaving Scars, we strive to empower creativity to support mental well-being by offering a range of services designed to improve mental health and overall quality of life. Click on any of the icons below to get more information on our offerings.

AI Art Generator by MidJourney

Our subscription based AI art generator by Midjourney.

Consulting Services

Our company specializes in providing professional consulting services in the areas of Information Technology, Health Information Technology, and Project Management. We also offer consultation services for creative endeavors.

Empowering Creativity Course

Coming Soon! Subscribe to our empowering creativity mailing list to be notified when course launches!


Book a speaker to host an empowering creativity workshop.

Mindful Insights

A program to monitor and enhance your quality of life through the practice of mindfulness, stress management and creativity.


Book and music publishing through Leaving Scars.

Simple Thoughts

Our free word generator to help you with inspiration.

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