Moody World – Archive

Moody World – Archive
Author: Moody World

Walking down the road covered with raindrops

As I go in a trip down the place archiving memories

Of the resplendent past when it was still at the top

Of my once minuscule mind, enjoying with unity


Looking through all the books and old paperworks

Filled with cobwebs as they age and lurk

Some lasted fugaciously, others lasted a long while

With me, as I grow up and walk many more miles


I’ve enjoyed reminiscing each and every one

That gave such an impact to me when I’ve just begun

My prosperous journey through all the time frames

And I still survive, thankfully not lame


It has sent me into a sweet, recurring euphoria

When I’d enjoy everything in such a utopia

Memories trickling down as the joyful tears

I’d hold onto them forever as valuables so dear


Once again, a once-in-a-while trip to my archives

Is always a great pleasure as I’m still alive

Thawing the cold days with its cherishable moments

That’ll never make my permanent history descend