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What is Leaving Scars mission?

Empowering creativity to support mental health.

How will we accomplish our mission?

We will leverage our network to create a community and educate people on the importance of having an outlet for expression to positively influence mental health.

How can you contribute?

We appreciate any help. Here are a few ways that you can help Leaving Scars:

– Contribute content via Instagram.
– Contribute ideas for networking, expansion, and anything that will support our mission.
– Word of mouth. We are strong believers that networking starts with YOU.
– If you want to donate to the mission, please view the merchandise page and consider purchasing a logo item to help us with visibility in your city/state.  If you prefer donating via paypal, use the donation button below. To donate privately, please contact us at
– If you are interested in working with Leaving Scars directly, or through partnership, please contact us at
– Smile. It makes a difference 🙂