2019 Wrap up and Update

2019 Wrap up and Update

Hello All,

2019 was a very busy year for Leaving Scars. Instead of going into a rant of detail, I\’ll put a list of our priorities and accomplishments as well as our goals for the next year to keep us honest.

– Website redesign.
– Merchandise outlet available through our website via Shopify.
– Business strategy for exposure to the community in progress.
– Established YouTube channel for the Leaving Scars umbrella.

Priorities in 2020:
– Finishing up new business plan.
– Focused outreach effort to maximize traffic and stability to the site.
– Team growth – Currently looking for a content writer or writers to fill up our poetry and writing section, possibly even the LS Blog. Also looking for assistance with marketing and outreach.
– Find artist to contribute to the YouTube channel(Music, Art, Writing).
– Funding options via Community, Grant or Contracts.

– Expand traffic/viewers and reach a 100k subscriptions or unique viewers to @leavingscars808 and http://www.leavingscars.com.
– Bring in more content and partnerships with artist/musicians/writers.

We will expand on the goals as we progress through the year and sort out the rest of the priorities. Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season, and a fantastic 2020!

Thank you,
Leaving Scars