SweetU – A Reflection of Fear

SweetU – A Reflection of Fear
Author: SweetU

Fear Of Our Own Emotions:-

Birth had no fear either emotions nor attachments..

Introduction to Fear was to calm our excitement when we were naughty in our childhood . Which was created and exaggerated by a human.

Fear of Height..  just when u had to feel everything is under my control or under me we feared.. We try keeping people under our control with full excitement.

Fear of dark.. wasn’t that to be used to relax our minds out of all day stress that we give our eyes..A secret that we have within us..

Fear of speed.. speed is to beat this world that is faster but we fear, a tortoise tries to beat the speed…

Fear of loud noise.. sound that echo’s is science, which is delay of a reflection sound .

FEARS that never Ends but when u have emotions they affect u which turns out to be your weakness.

What’s the purpose? Its distancing as it’s  suppose to be fighting..

Memories that hold u back as u let it to and u step back…

People phobia-  basically it’s crowd affected, unable to face groups at a given time. Then how face situations coming ur way.

Relatives phobia- there would be some one that u would never wanna meet. May be an arrogant one just ignore how much time would it take to ignore.

Anger phobia- u might control this a lot but it just gushes out.

Insects and worm phobia- a creepy creature that just passes by u as it pass a fast moving vehicle.

Animal phobia- a huge gigantic creature one like us if seen a smaller creature should be scared of us but we don’t give them opportunity we jump on to a sofa.

A Horror is a glimpse that we had stored in our Minds a pictorial one.. As it glitches we assume and recreate a image..and we ourselves without our knowledge let them scare us and becomes phobiatic…