A few thoughts into society.. and Hawaii #leavingscars

Hawaii – Homeless, troubled youth and wages

Earlier today, I watched a documentary where people went to the ghetto in different states across the USA to talk to homeless, troubled youth and people struggling to survive off of their earned income. It reminded me of a familiar time. When Leaving Scars first started out, I was in between a mental crisis due to a few situations that had me make a lot of drastic decisions for better or worse.

When I was growing up, I was always taught that there is a grey line between right and wrong. The difference was if something was wrong it was wrong, and something that should be right isn’t always right. Whenever I see the spending budgets of our country or the amount of people starving, unable to find employment or simply struggling off of their employment I see that as a definite wrong. Out here in Hawaii, politicians decided to build a railroad from one shopping center (Ala Moana, the main tourist hub) to another (Kapolei, the second city) to “alleviate” traffic even though it doesn’t really stop in that areas that need the lift. It also doesn’t pass through University of Hawaii which is the biggest contributor to traffic. Even after protest from the majority, the tax payers were forced into fronting a $1.5 billion bill. After politicians passed the law, this bill has jumped from $1.5 billion to $8.3 billion and continues to grow with the tax payers being responsible for the pipe dream they were sold after being lied to.

So what does this have to do with homeless, troubled youth or people struggling to survive off of a full time job? More than people care to read in to. Hawaii workers earn less in almost every industry than the nations national average. A logical leader would balance out the items that fall into the red (homeless, traffic, wages) and prioritize funds accordingly. At the top of that list? Most people would agree homeless is a big issue in Hawaii. Next? Wages. Traffic as terrible as it may be, would hurt less if more of society could provide for themselves without being driven into homelessness due to it’s government putting economical earnings over social needs. The rail was given priority because it creates a safe and direct travel path to tourist from one shopping center to the other, hides the crime and homeless problems that they don’t want to show off as paradise, and keeps them spending money before sending them on their way. This is the reason that many people do not support any politics in Hawaii, and most people from Hawaii do not support politics nationwide. This is the worse mind set to have because having a united voice is the only way to make a change to an entity that tries to muzzle you.

People need to keep in mind that even if your vote doesn’t make a difference.. it’s always better to try and hope it does.


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