Some people may wonder, Who runs Leaving Scars? What is it about? Where did the idea come from? Here is a brief summary of who we are and how it all got started!

Who runs Leaving Scar?

     TwistyFounder of Leaving Scars, Co-Programmer, Networking and Marketing.

     Khylie  – Co-Founder, Main Programmer, Concepts Designer, Network Administrator.

Where did it start?

Leaving Scars started off as an idea for a game back in 2003-2004 when I was probably 15 or 16 years old. The original thought behind it was to be a cross platform MMORPG although we didn’t have a title for it at the time. A close friend of mines (Khylie) who came up with a few great concepts for another game we planned on working on decided to team up with me which helped me launch our first game which was built based on the underground and the perks of living in it, as well as the downsides. It was an instant success, and grew a decent following.

What do we do?

It’s pretty hard to pinpoint a single thing we do. We both have 10 + years in experience in quite a few different fields. Our primary business contracts revolve around Website Design/Development, Programming, Network Security/Diagnostics, Marketing and Networking. Some of our artistic contracts revolve around Music Composition, Songwriting, Audio Engineering, Drawing and Writing.

What is the purpose of Leaving Scars?

Creativity has always been one of my passions, whether it be music, art, entertainment, programming, it really doesn’t matter the category, I think everyone has the talent to be creative but very few people take the leap to express their creativity. We also wanted a venue to display our skills while having an outlet to network with clients. Nothing is worse then wasted talent!

How did we get the name for Leaving Scars?

Leaving Scars came up between a discussion with a close friend of mine while brainstorming ideas & names. It was a catchy name that stood out. It also brought unlimited possibilities for what we could bring to the table while paying homage to our pasts.

So after a long hiatus from website development I decided to relaunch this site on a new server, and link some of my creative ventures such as music, our game, and a way for people to interact (Chat, Blog, Game). Negative Criticism is the best motivation to Leave Scars on your critics!