A Blueprint to Immortality

Kerry – Untitled (Poem)

Posted By on May 9, 2017 in Writing |

I greet the day with the bright sun and it’s warm rays
I feel a pan of excitement, “today’s the day”
I get to see a familiar face – faded
I put on my black lingerie – shaded
I wanna show skin – outdated
I wanna play – overrated
I fully clothe myself with white and ripped jeans
I dance around in the sweet aroma of coconut and vanilla bean
I tie my laces and pack my bags
I lock the door and so on, the day drags
The clock ticks and tocks, patiently waiting
Staring at my phone, anticipating
When will it come, maybe noon or nein
All good things, I thought, takes just a little more time
Noon passed – no signal
My heart sank – feelings belittled
I filled the rest of my day with sweets and sorrow
If it hadn’t happened today don’t be a fool and wait for tomorrow
I hoped for it to rain, cold is what I wanted to be feeling
I was hurt and my pain I was concealing
I don’t blame it on the rain for not showing up
Silly of me to think I meant something, shit out of luck
To my surprise I feel no more
Not even the slightest bit of anger, all good things walked out that door
I’m back to my old self
Having little to no care in the world
I am a grown woman, no longer a little girl