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Kerry – Blowing In The Wind (Poem)

Posted By on February 16, 2017 in Writing |

Kerry – Blowing In The Wind
The fear is there, it’s in the sea, on land, in the air
It’s an endless abyss of what will be
But what does this mean to me?
To have it surround you
To have it consume you
At the end of the day is anything ever true
To love and be loved
Is there ever such a thing
To hate and be hated
Is all a part of our being
We are human and that’s not a lie
These things called feelings, emotions
Are just clouds in the sky
They are what’s there, it’s real
They are what we can’t touch
To want to control them is overwhelming, it’s too much
It’s best not to catch it
To let it roam free
To love what’s not yours is a sin
But who’s to stop me from loving
My love is blowing in the wind