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Godaddy – Winner of worst technical support ever

Posted By on November 12, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Just a fair warning, but this is a bit of a rant and not really a review.

Since I moved our host from cirtex to godaddy it’s been a constant string of problems. To name a few, we’ve had our databases get compromised, tech “accidentally” delete directories and offer to recover it for a price, and change database/server data without notifying us. Recently the shared server we were on was  probably hacked and one of the scripts left on the server messed up 3 of our domains. Our directories were also compromised. Tech said they were unable to fix the domains because the site was coded by a third party and possibly was coded wrong (Note that the scripts on 2 of the domains have not been changed in 5 years and have only had issues when things were changed on the server without us being notified, and each time we’ve had to re-code it to make it work because tech support has been a -10 in resolving the issue or even telling us what was changed to resolve the issue).  So after 5 phone calls to tech support and about 8 visits to chat to resolve the issue, they started editing and changing things on the website to make it work. I figure hey at least they’re finally doing something.. But it went from one subdomain being broken to every domain on the site broken by the time they were done. I asked them to un-do all their changes and was sent an email saying everything is connecting to the server and database fine so the issue is resolved. I ended up having to waste a weekend re-coding the entire site again to fix the main site, as well as the other two domains that they broke. I highly recommend you use another host if you plan on your site being active. For me this site is just something I hop onto when I have free time which is rare. Still I’m considering hosting my domain and content elsewhere. 🙂

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