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2013 New Sections Added to Site

Posted By on April 1, 2013 in Developmental Updates, News, Project Updates | 0 comments

I’ve decided to add a few sections to this site that would allow users to be a bit more interactive.

     – You can now upload songs, other instrumentals or musical content to our Leaving Scars dropbox via soundcloud by going to the Music section (Music>Music).

     – We’ve added a new “Art” section to the site. We will be accepting all submissions through the contact form. If your content is selected it will be posted under the art section of the site.

     – About Us has been updated with a more user friendly look. We will probably be changing this around quite a bit until we get something that looks up to our standards.

     – Developmental Updates and Project Updates have been linked but will still have their own section for easier access.

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