Life – A View Into Being Grateful

When we were kids, nobody really tells us what life is all about. We just held our toys most of the time, waited for our fathers to come home so we can have that piece of chocolate or other stuff they bought for us. Nobody told us that there will be times that our lives will change dramatically, that we ourselves will change.

As we grew older, we started to have views on lots of things and one of them is life itself.  We come to the realization that it is about learning. We live to learn what we needed the most and we will keep learning and learning till the end of our time, at least here on Earth.

However, life lessons are not like any other lessons. They change you from the inside, they can shake your entire world or even tear you apart. Sometimes they feel overwhelming that it’s so hard to breathe or might as well drive you to the edge of your sanity. I know some of you were told to “be strong”, but in my opinion strength has nothing to do with that. 
I’ve learned that the only way one can get past the pain is to get through it, to feel everything it should make you feel.  I assure you it won’t be pleasant to experience, but it will change your perspective on lots of things. It’ll show you what’s important and what’s not, who is more worthy of your time, compassion and respect. 

Maybe pain is what we need to value the people around us. We get blinded by our stubbornness sometimes that we don’t come to think that we could lose those people one day. We think that we have control over time. So, we fight over places and things that we never own from the start, things that will vanish to thin air in the end.

I am not trying to advise anyone, I have my own share of failures and regrets. I can only suggest that you love the people around you like it’s the last time you’ll be seeing them, cherish those special moments you share and keep them secret in your heart. I know life will be challenging, and we may end up hurting those we care about unintentionally.