Mental Awareness – The Importance of Self Preservation #leavingscars

Mental health is a dynamic topic. People often assume that when speaking on mental health, people are referring to disorders or people with disorders. While this falls under the umbrella, it is actually more directly related to self preservation and the ability to preserve your mind state and balance the positivity around your psyche.

Why is this topic such a hard topic for millions of people to acknowledge, discuss, and support each other with?

For starters, we normally don’t think anything is wrong with us. Some of us struggle with coming to grips with the reality of a situation and how we feel about it. Others are overly confident, charming and have a proven reputation for engaging people to get to where we want to be at that moment in time. Discussing our state of mind is challenging because fear of judgement is engraved into us on a social level. We’re taught that we need to bite our tongue and tread lightly with what we share and that it cannot be done without trust.

What if I told you that you don’t need to have any emotional attachment to fix your mental state and get your goals aligned with the path it belongs on?

Most people would laugh, and chalk it up to naivety. Would they be willing to wager that my experience in life, and ability to communicate with people to create relationships could prove them wrong? I suppose this is the point in the article where you make a choice to discredit me..


Where you decide that maybe I am on to something.

There are very few things that can completely kill a psyche. Short of death, most of these things can be avoided or fixed. So what are these things?

  • Self worth
    Knowing what you are worth to yourself
  • Confidence
    Knowing what you are worth to others
  • Direction
    Knowing where you are going

If you take away any one of these, your alignment goes out. The wheels keep on spinning but you can’t seem to get your car out of the mud. If you lose two of these, you feel like you’re trying to get your head above water but you’re constantly floating in water at eye level. If you lose all three of them, the current has already took you out to sea.

When someone degrades you, or doesn’t acknowledge your existence, your self value goes down. You don’t feel that you are worth anything to yourself. You refuse to believe that you can do anything worthwhile because you are not worth the thought.

When you are betrayed, your worth to others disappear. You don’t question what you are worth, you question if you are worth anything to others. This is what eats at people when they lose trust in people.

When an idea of yours gets shut down, or when you are constantly overlooked at work for an opportunity that you solely deserve, Your direction disappears. Your motivation to move everything forward stops and you decide that maybe, moving forward is moving backwards. There always needs to be a goal you are trying to work towards.

These are all examples, but very real situations that happen daily for a lot of people, and most I can vouch for from experience, even in the present time.  The trick to keep these permanently aligned? Detaching your emotions from your mental state and never allowing a person to define what these mean for you. Emotions make up who we are as people, but they do not contribute to our mental capacity directly. They chip away because we allow emotions to control our perception. When we allow others to affect or control our emotions, we engage into a battle we’ve already lost. Everyone knows how to swim until their arms and legs fatigue.

The next time you’re feeling mentally burnt out, or like you’re spiraling out of control.. Pull out a notebook (yes, a physical notebook, put the phone down) and write down those 3 states of mind and where you currently are with it. List the factors affecting them, why, and how you can alleviate or remove the negativity so that you can move forward positively. You will be mesmerized by how quickly the pieces to your puzzles become flat on every side and align with the surrounding pieces harmoniously.

A full disclaimer.. I started this article with one train of thought, decided my approach was negative, took a shower and the article went in a completely different direction. Sometimes, taking a step back, helps you regain your focus.


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