And Gods Must Fall

And Gods Must Fall

Written on a particularly warm morning


We are all manifestations of “God” – not in the visage of a deity, shepherd or vengeful specter. Rather, “God,” in this sense of the word, is the force which creates, and therefore, destroys. We all come from this “God” – an energy, a power that forged us into existence.

Therefore, we are also “Gods.”

We create art. We create music. We create poetry.

But we also destroy buildings.



Humans are walking “Gods” who rule over our respective corners of the world.

Yet what is a God with no followers?

We are not “Gods” in that sense of the word, yet we are granted a portion of its abilities.

To create.

And to destroy.

What if I proposed that we, as walking “Gods,” could pass down traits? You should not be confused: genes.

As humans, we pass down eye color – hair and skin type.

We also pass down disease.

What if this “disease” was not a physical ailment? What if this disease was something of a metaphysical sort? What if this disease was, in fact, reincarnation?

You read that right.

Survival of the fittest? The fastest sperm gets the egg? What if the child created, partially yet equally determined by both men (who dispense the souls) and women (who decide whether that soul is worthy), is not a gift, but a soul whose punishment is to live again?

An endless cycle of suffering in repentance for past transgressions.

Perhaps that is why they say living is harder than dying. We live knowing that when we die, the disease repeats. We will always lose.

We – walking “Gods” – were made to suffer.