ameliacp2015 – Legacy

ameliacp2015 – Legacy

We are building this world to teach the future about the nobodies that didn’t get a name for themselves this life.

We are feeding all the media exactly what they want to hear, to hear the sounds of laughter to the light.

We are meeting our goals and ancestors the way we are going and we are following in the paths as they are right.

We are building a planet made just for happy faces, and the happy faces all that we want in our sight.

But we know when we get there they’ll be haters in the paths we follow, following the path that we would like.

So those without a name and those without a legacy can build upon what we have left for them.

But it’s still a planet made from empty dreams and aspirations that never achieved the goal that was set.

But we know it’s all about the way that we want to live our life’s today and though we feel a little sad sometimes and want to stop and quit.

We should give little thought to those that cannot see what’s good although we should never stop our dreams for someone else.

We are only building building blocks for all those non-believes out there not believing any one they know.

So ending up with a world imperfect full of wars and power and the purpose of us hazing to the past and the future.

We are the present and we control the future but the past controls us, and that is that.